◆ Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Physics of amorphous materials doctoral research training base. ◆ New Material Technology Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Ao Made together with the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology, jointly organized amorphous soft magnetic alloy materials engineering and technology research centers. ◆ 11 8, Ao Made New Materials Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Institute of Physics and cooperation agreement. I became the first Ph.D. in the development of the training base. ◆ 12 16, from the Provincial Party Committee Organization Department, the provincial people get informed and Social Council Chamber, our R & D personnel Pan Fengming Jiangsu Province was the seventh peak of the six talents of new materials group based funding. Pavilion Lake is the first funded companies and talent.

production line of thin strip amorphous alloys
magnetic core
magnetic powder core
master alloys
Fe-based Nanocrystalline strip alloys
Fe-based thin strip amorphous alloys
Amorphous wire
Magnetism link
Bar magnet magnetic flux
Power transformer
Filter inductance transformer magnetic core
Amorphous alloy core distribution transformers enclosed three-phase oil-immersed
Height frequency conversion depressor,inductance coil,battery charger
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Magnetism link
Product Description:
Performance description:
Have high initial permeability and high inductance (AL), high insertion loss; high saturation magnetic flux density (Bs), anti-high current pulse interference; Curie temperature, good temperature stability; low Q value , In the wide area with a high impedance; with fewer turns to produce a high inductance value (L), is conducive to miniaturization of the device.
precise current, voltage transformer core
leakage switch core
common mode, differential mode inductor core
High frequency, transformer core
switching power supply, magnetic amplifier core
core spike suppressors and the Hall sensor
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